XCOM: Enemy Unknown 'easy difficulty is now easier'

Second patch on its way

2k and Firaxis have taken feedback on board, and is set to release a second patch for XCOM: Enemy Unknown across all platforms, to fix major issues as well as make the easy mode, easier.


The second patch for XCOM: Enemy Unknown will fix several major and minor problems in the game.

As detailed over at the 2k Games forum, the major fixes are:

  • Abductor roof visibility problems resolved
  • Interception game hang issues resolved
  • SHIV inaccessible issues resolved
  • AI Alien Activity Hang resolution
  • Multiplayer connectivity optimization

Other fixes:

  • TempleShip optimization: All Soldiers properly spawn when restarting the mission after clearing the second room of TempleShip
  • Snapshot penalty should no longer apply when Overwatching without first moving.
  • Easy Difficulty is now easier.
  • 2k also acknowledges that some gamers have been getting the defeat screen, after they finish the game, but it will not be fixed with this patch. 2k's community coordinator states on the forum that "Firaxis is currently aware and researching this issue. We got a couple save files (thanks to you guys) on Oct 22nd that they're looking at. I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear anything about it."

    There has been no date of release announced as of yet for the second XCOM patch.