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Hawken dev: We haven't ruled out a console version

Movie, comics and digital series also planned for Hawken universe expansion

Hawken, the online first person mech shooter which goes into open beta on 12th December is one of the most highly anticipated free-to-play PC titles at the moment and speaking in a forthcoming interview with CVG, Adhesive producer Jason Hughes has said the development team hasn't ruled out a move to consoles.


When questioned on a possible console version of Hawken, Hughes said, "We haven't ruled it out that's for sure, by that I mean obviously we've discussed what potential Hawken has, but right now all our focus is very much on the PC version."

CVG recently gave away closed beta keys for the mech combat game in one of our most popular beta giveaways ever and Meteor Entertainment, Hawken's publisher, has confirmed a second beta event will take place from Thursday 8th until Tuesday 13th November.

Keys already redeemed by CVG readers will allow them to participate in that second beta too. Meanwhile, further closed beta events will commence at the end of November for players who haven't already signed up - with CVG giving away further keys.

Meteor Entertainment also confirmed a range of pre-order bundles for the game. Known as the 'Vanguard Initiative', pre-order players will be able to choose from a number of pre-order deals at with $5, $15, $30 and $60 packages available, which will then appear in players' garages when the game enters open beta on the pleasingly symmetrical date of 12.12.12.

Hughes also confirmed that the Hawken universe is set to grow after the game has released: "The plan for Hawken has always been to be a transmedia design, which means it is not just a game, we have a whole universe for the player to grasp onto, including an upcoming comic book, digital series, and more. All the pieces can stand alone as they tell a different time in the Hawken universe but they all go together perfectly also."