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Curiosity Uncovered: We discover what's in the cube

Reporting live from Molyneux's App Store experiment

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Posted at 11:04 on 11th December

There's a new update available for Curiosity on iPad, which we're downloading now. The description reads:

"By downloading the newest update of Curiosity you will get to see the cube shatter as other people tap away at it, and see other user's activity sparkle from space.

There are also many more features to discover such as the new paint tool that that allows you to craft before you shatter Cubelets, new in-depth statistics and...badgers!

We're also removed the Facebook button by popular demand and resolved any issues about coin-loss!

There's never been a better time to fulfil your curiosity, and ask: What's inside the cube?"

We'll fill you in on what this means in a moment.

Posted at 14:23 on 10th December

Here's your Monday update from the cube - some interesting photos in the last few days, plus one fantastic piece of graffiti.

So, here's how it looks right now - some black and white cogs, beneath a surface of light pink:


Last night at 22:51, we could see this:


...and before that, at 19:18, we could some computer-related innards:


At 21:01 on Saturday 8th December, we could see a great swathe of orange:


HOLD ON. At 15:02 on the same day (08/12/12), some wags had tapped out a GIANT tribute on one side of the cube. Respect.


And finally, at 11:49 on Saturday morning, we could see a floral-themed series of photos:


Posted at 11:59 on 7th December

I know, I know. You're busy reading the excellent, free-for-a-limited-time relaunch issue of iGamer on your iPad right now. But look away from its beauty for one moment and have a look at a cube:


That's how it looks right now. At 09:37 this morning it looked like this:


And last night at 11:15 it looked like this:


Posted at 11:17 on 6th December

There are a load more Project Godus Kickstarter backers on the Curiosity cube this morning. There's also a pleasing effect when you spin the cube around, which turns the face closest to the 'camera' pink, and leaves the rest green:


There are 77,480,937 Cubelets remaining on this layer, and we have now removed 75 layers.

Posted at 16:16 on 5th December

There's another batch of Kickstarter backers on the Curiosity cube right now.


Comedy name highlights include 'Don't touch those squirrels nuts' (sic), 'Ravenous Penguin', 'Level Imp', 'Kizzycoco' and 'James Green'. James Green! Ahahahaha!

Posted at 10:10 on 5th December

...and this morning, the cube looks like this:


Just a few Cubelets remaining on this layer. 1,353,118 to be precise.

Posted at 09:47 on 5th December

This was the cube as of last night at 21:36pm - you can see that its surface was daubed with the names of those that have backed Curiosity developer 22cans' Kickstarter, Project Godus:


Thanks to @TheEvilMummy for the heads-up.

Posted at 16:22 on 4th December

The cube is a vomit-inducing combination of hot pink and dirty green right now:



Posted at 14:40 on 4th December

Pssst. Do you have an iPad? Do you want to know what the best new iPad games are? Then get a load of the free relaunch issue of iGamer here. You can read a little more about what it is here.

Don't tell anyone you saw this.

Posted at 10:24 on 4th December

This is the cube as of 10:23 and 34 seconds:


There are just 427,459 Cubelets remaining on this layer. Curiosity players have removed 68 layers in total.

Posted at 17:31 on 3rd December

Curiosity users have tapped 32,202,440 Cubelets in the last three hours and 13 minutes. There are 13,592,067 Cubelets remaining on this layer, which looks like this:


22cans hasn't put an interesting photograph on the cube for days now. Perhaps it's because the studio is experimenting with how people react to different surfaces. Or, y'know, it is busy with the Project Godus Kickstarter.

Posted at 14:18 on 3rd December

We're halfway into the current layer, as there are 50,794,507 Cubelets remaining on this one:


Curiosity players have removed 66 layers now. Attempts at large scale graffiti (usually penises) are thwarted by spoilsports deliberately tapping over the same area or players who just want to smash through layers quickly to get a high score. Behold:


And if you ARE one of those people just looking to rack up big multiplier and coin totals, there's a devious way to do exactly that, as discovered by dicepro on CVG's Curiosity forum thread:

"I've found the most effective way of gathering coins to be to hang around at the closing minutes of a layer and disconnecting the wifi-connection on my iPad just when the new layer is ready. Then I have a clean canvas to work on with 50-100x bombs, greatly reducing the risk of clicking at empty spots. I've managed combos up to 39,000,000 coins, but sometimes inadvertently zooming out or fps-drops stops them. I'm on a 520,000,000 coin total now, haven't really had time to bother hit 3 billion, but it's a matter of hours before that can be achieved using this method."

More as it happens.

Posted at 17.46 on 2nd December

I've been holed up in a bunker working on another project for the last week, hence the sporadic updates on the blog. Here's what's been happening:

Right now, the cube looks like this - there are 41,777,395 Cubelets left on this layer:


Curiosity players have removed 63 layers now, in 26 days. An update went live this morning, and the text that came with it read:

"Thank you, we've listened to your feedback and removed the Facebook button from the main tapping screen. We've fixed Curiosity so that further gold coin losses are the thing of the past.
Other bug fixes.
Finally, we've beefed up our server farm so you shouldn't have problems getting on again.
Stay Curious. Keep Tapping!"

I've been checking in on the cube over the weekend - it looked like this at 10:42 this morning:


And at 01:18 this morning it looked like this - a fetching lime green:


While you were out on Saturday night at 20:37, this is what the Curiosity cube was up to:


On Saturday lunchtime at 12:13 it was mostly blue:


This is how it looked at 23:16 on Friday night:


...and on Friday morning at 10:11:


Here endeth the update. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow morning.

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