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Curiosity Uncovered: We discover what's in the cube

Reporting live from Molyneux's App Store experiment

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Posted at 13.06 on 30th November

Hey it's Rob here.

So, our Curiosity Live blog has become so humongous that it broke our article character limit and older text was being deleted!

We've had to move the older content into archives in order to save space, though they're pretty easy to access.
Archive one is here, and Archive two is here, and we've put links in places you'd expect to find them too.

Neil's currently on magazine deadline but will return soon with more updates.

We are here until the end, folks.


Posted at 17.52 on 29th November

Curiosity Catch-Up Post: Apologies Edition.

Right now, it looks like this - a veneer of bright yellow with some colourful cartoon artwork underneath:


And at 02:18 last night/this morning, we could see more text on the cube. The visible copy here is from Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus, says The Internet.


Wikipedia says the novel is "a phantasmagorical fairy tale set near an historical Victorian London in a wandering magical circus that is open only from sunset to sunrise."

Further down the entry, it mentions that a Guardian critic described the novel as an "eminently intriguing cabinet of curiosities" - a phrase very much in keeping with 22cans' debut project.

Meanwhile! The meeting of minds on the Curiosity forum thread is really something to behold. Have a peek.

Posted at 11.25 on 28th November

Right now, the Curiosity players are tapping away at a series of close-up photos of some hands, elbows and arms:


Here's how the previous layer looked at just after one last night, as I realised I really should probably just go to sleep:


And before that, a gentleman by the name of Jeroen Van Drie tweeted me about his colossal multiplier:

There's plenty more multiplier talk over on the Curiosity forum thread, should you be that way inclined.

Posted at 17.34 on 27th November

The cube, as of precisely 17:31 and 22 seconds:


We're through this morning's layer of photo negatives. Curiosity players have removed 49 layers now, and there are 34,153,641 Cubelets remaining on this layer.

Posted at 10.22 on 27th November

Here's what the cube looks like this morning - a selection of negative photos:


Could these be the photos pinched from Facebook that Peter Molyneux has alluded to before? And finally, here's how the cube looked at 21:53 last night, as we broke through the layer of photos from the surface of the cube:


Posted at 10.10 on 27th November

Oh, and here's Mr Molyneux and a chap called Chris talking about Project Godus, for those interested:

Close Close

Posted at 10.07 on 27th November

More excellent correspondence from Chris Lentner this morning. He writes:

I notice @TheEvilMummy has been posting public multiplier data; either great minds think alike or he was inspired by my email :)

In the spreadsheet, he doesn't mention that coin multipliers apply to screen bonuses, but that will be extremely important later when we calculate the number of taps to 3 billion.

Another mistake he makes is the first score multiplier, x1, applies to only 11 cubes, not 12. The subtle off-by-one difference between taps to next and taps applied to will again make a big difference.

I'd like to discuss this in more detail, optimize data layout, and compare data-sets before I write a C++ program to calculate the answer to the 3-billion question. Unfortunately, since the multiplier data is rather irregular, it will take a large amount of data to find a pattern; quadratic regressions don't work, and it will take a program, rather than just a math equation, to solve it.

Could you create a thread on CVG forums (or a free forum host), and invite @TheEvilMummy and other blog readers to it? Collaboration will be a big help; we need to amass data and discuss the math behind it.

A sterling idea, Chris. This is the forum thread for those who want to continue sleuthing.

Posted at 17.36 on 26th November

The Curiosity cube is starting to eat itself. The latest layer reveals photos of...the Curiosity cube.


There are 22,513,492 Cubelets remaining on this layer, and we're now removed 46 of the blighters.

Meanwhile, Curiosity genius/maniac @TheEvilMummy has been tweeting me as he logs consecutive taps, and how they build multipliers. Click the links within the Tweets to see his Google Docs spreadsheets(!):

Properly amazing work, @TheEvilMummy.

Posted at 13.17 on 26th November

This Curiosity blog is brought to you by delayed trains and soggy misery. We've now removed 46 layers, and there are 86,434,457 Cubelets remaining on this layer:


Zoom in and we can see purplish cubes on a dusty mustard background underneath:


More as it happens.

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