New DayZ Bounty mode will pay you for kills

Fresh maps, stats and other features in development

A new 'Bounty' mode for open-world zombie survival mod DayZ will serve as a club or community where members are rewarded with real money for in-game kills.


Members will purchase packages containing a certain number of lives and basic gear for $5, $10, $15 or $20 for use on Bounty servers.

Taking out zombies, survivors and bandits will earn players cash, with tougher targets yielding more money. Zombies will bank players $0.10 per ten killed, while survivors are worth $0.05.

Bandits are valued at $0.25 and The Outlaw - the bandit with the most kills - will net a player $5.00, with the value on their head increasing $0.25 per hour of in-game time.

DayZ Bounty creators Jake Stewart, James Ortiz, and Andrew Defee say the idea was born during a drunken betrayal.

"We started a kind of hero clan, 'Super Hero Medic Squad'," Stewart told PC Gamer. "All we did was try and help people.

"One night, we got drunk and started messing around, and I was like, 'Screw it. I'm bored. I'm tired of helping people. I'm going rogue.' We all started killing each other."

These turn coating ways led to bets on kills being placed, and in turn the Bounty mode.

"I'll give you five dollars if you can take me out," he added. "And all of a sudden, I thought: this is a fun way to play. This'd be great if we had a whole community of people that were doing the same type of thing.

"James [Ortiz] and I had talked about maybe getting it together. I started messing around with the map editing and things like that, and he started working on the server end of things. I'd done map editing and other things in Oblivion and a lot of the older Elder Scrolls games."

DayZ Bounty will feature the classic Chernarus map re-imagined with greater detail, a more realistic military presence, other custom maps designs, plus live stats and rankings.

Mod creator Dean Hall has said the DayZ standalone release of his Arma2 mod will be available later this year, and that "it's going to be cheap."