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Wii U unboxing video: Iwata details system features

Nintendo boss explains how the account system and Network ID will work

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata used the latest Nintendo Direct presentation to unbox the Wii U and provide an overview of the system's features.


According to a NeoGAF user's account of the presentation, the white-gloved Iwata said the Wii U Premium edition weighs in at 4.2 kilograms.

The first thing you'll want to do once you've booted up the system is create a Wii U user account. There can be up to ten users with their own Miis per system, with game settings, save data, play history and browser bookmarks tied to each account.

Video chat and other online services will require users to have a Nintendo Network ID. To get one you'll need to register with a password, birth date, gender, area of residence and email address. Network IDs can be used to exchange contact information in the same way as Friend Codes.

Nintendo Network will be usable on other Nintendo game systems, PCs and smartphones. Products purchased by one user can be played by other account holders on the same system. As previously reported, a Wii U system update will be required to activate the console's online functionality.

You can watch the whole Japanese presentation for yourself below, which is followed by localised videos showing the unboxing, and information on Wii U accounts and Wii U chat:

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