GTA V: Rapper The Game to reprise role as B Dup

Dr. Dre's protégé confirms work on new Grand Theft Auto title

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known as rapper The Game, has revealed he recently did "a little bit of work" with Rockstar on Grand Theft Auto V, seemingly confirming that he has reprised his role as GTA: San Andreas character Mark 'B Dup' Wayne.


Asked about a GTA cameo on Wired 96.5, The Game said: "They [Rockstar] called man and we did a little bit of work with them."

He went on to reference his character B Dup, before adding: "Once you in a video game, you struck gold, man."

Skip to 3:49 in the video below for the GTA talk.

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Earlier today it was reported that GTA V's main character is "an East Coast gangster".

GTA V will be fully revealed later today via Game Informer. At 11am Central time (5pm GMT) the magazine will unveil its cover along with an 18-page GTA V preview.

Last week Rockstar finally confirmed that the GTA V release date will fall in spring 2013 on consoles.