GTA 5's multiple protagonists was influenced by GTA 4 expansions

Interweaving stories were 'kind of cool', decided Rockstar

Rockstar boss and GTA co-writer Dan Houser said the idea to include three main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 5 came from the interweaving plots of GTA 4's 'Episodes from Liberty City' expansions.


GTA 4 followed the story of European immigrant Niko Bellic, who crossed paths with characters who would take their own starring roles in follow-up expansions, 'The Lost and Damned' and 'The Ballad of Gay Tony'.

This, explained Houser, resonated well within Rockstar. "It was partly just to do something totally new," he told The Guardian.

"Partly, too, it was because at that point we were deep into the work on the two DLC episodes of GTA IV, and we thought, well, the bits where all the stories crossover is kind of cool, so why don't we just do that in one game? So okay, let's just do multiple characters."

In the same feature, Houser said that the immense size of GTA 5's Los Santos is necessary to accommodate flying.

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