Twilight: The 8-bit RPG

So you may have heard about this series of books known as 'Twilight'. They're about vampires. The Twilight series is a huge phenomenon - spawning films in their wake - but I've never paid any attention to the series. Not until seeing this Twilight 8-bit RPG, anyway.


Most of us know the basic story of the Twilight series - girl falls in love with moody vampire (which is dangerous) and then there is a werewolf or something who is also in love with the girl. To be honest, I don't really know the story - all my information is coming from this video.

Anyway - Kotaku was sent this awesome video of Twilight retold as an 8-bit RPG, which was made for an animation project by students at Sydney's University of Technology.

It's a really great piece of work. Check it out!

Thanks Kotaku.