Molyneux addresses Curiosity donations criticisms

22 Cans director says he was just reacting to requests

Peter Molyneux has told CVG's Curiosity liveblog that he had mixed emotions about launching a donations page in a bid to help remedy intense server demands for Curiosity.


The co-founder of new Guildford studio 22 Cans told CVG that it was a reaction to requests on Twitter, rather than a planned fundraising drive.

"The way it happened was I was talking on Twitter about the problems we had and I was saying that we're writing a solution that will mean we can start turning on more and more servers, and now we can turn on as many servers as we like," he told CVG.

"So I said on Twitter we were going to put on more and more of these expensive servers. And a couple of people said we'd really love to donate, is there any way we could donate. So Dimitri here said 'oh, I can put a donate button on our website.' That was it. That's all it is. We haven't publicised that and we haven't advertised that."

Molyneux's personal wealth, along with the investor funding that helped launch 22 Cans, has become the basis of some criticisms from within the games industry - the belief being that he and his studio can afford the servers themselves.

"And it has caused a huge reaction which I kind of understand but kind of don't quite understand. We don't have a big banner outside the office saying please donate and I'm not using Curiosity to ask for money, we actually put on the cube a thank you to the donators - one of which was my wife - and then I started to think this is starting to get a little bit desperate. So we left it there on the website and we stopped promoting it or advertising it or anything.


"We say on the site that the money is being used to turn on one more server, and £700 is enough to turn on one more server. It's not that this was part of a plan, it was a reaction to what people were saying on Twitter. It was purely and simply that."

Crippling server and network issues have blocked many people from accessing Curiosity over the last few days. A host of new servers went live this morning, and Molyneux is hopeful that Curiosity will be far more stable from now on.

Molyneux also said that when the tech issues have settled down his team will "start introducing some new things to surprise people".

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