F1 Race Stars review round-up

All the review scores in one place...

The first F1 Race Stars reviews have gone live and as always we've rounded them up and presented them for you below.

Codemasters has confirmed a F1 Race Stars release date of November 16 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

  • Digital Spy: 3/5 - "F1 Race Stars doesn't quite dethrone Mario Kart, but it's certainly a great game for families and younger Formula One fans."
  • thesixthaxis: 6/10 - "It's still a decent title for the younger ones, but it's in real danger of missing the one crucial element that all games like this should have: simple, fun handling."
  • Xbox360Achievements: 80 - "Another string to Codemasters Racing's bow, F1 Race Stars is a neat kart racing game that appeals to kids and big kids alike."
  • Spong: 7/10 - "If the idea of a smarter karting game appeals to you and/or you're an F1 nut, you'll get a few good hours out of F1 Race Stars."
  • Strategy Informer: 7/10 - "Racing fans will enjoy the connection to real world F1-from safety cars that slow down the entire pack to boost-providing KERS-while others will never notice the attempt to make such a connection."
  • IGN: 5.2 - "F1 Race Stars is a limp caricature of a kart racer. Charming but not enough to forgive its frustrating gameplay."
  • OXM: 7 - "The result is a title that feels like it's gripped by identity crisis, unable to let go of its F1 origins to the degree required to be a great karting game. Instead, we get a curious hybrid that's fun, but not essential for either end of the market."
  • OPM: 7 - "It's a chocolate pretzel of a racer that's worth a spin for anyone looking to avoid the chin-stroking of F1 2012."