Wii U launch: Our review and feature schedule

Game reviews set to go live later this week

Nintendo's next-gen console, Wii U officially goes on sale in North America this Sunday, November 18, ahead of the European release on November 30.

By now you're probably wondering when our Wii U coverage is set to kick off - and we've got answers for you. Today we've started an extensive campaign dissecting the launch of Nintendo's new console with Revolution: The Story of Wii.

In the mammoth three-page feature Rob Crossley speaks to Nintendo insiders and reveals how Sony and Microsoft came within a handshake of capturing the core technology behind the Wii Remote.

First-party Wii U game reviews are set to go live on the site at the end of this week, while our coverage on the console itself - and the European launch - will extend into next week. For a full run down of CVG's Wii U coverage, see the list below.


CVG Wii U launch schedule

Nov 14

Nov 15

Nov 16

Nov 17

  • Wii U: The essential launch guide

Nov 18

  • Review: ZombiU

Week of Nov 19

  • Wii U console review
  • Further reviews and features