Hawken: New 5000 free beta key giveaway

Closed beta access for the big mech battler

Hawken is looking like one of the best free-to-play games coming to the PC this Christmas and we've got 5000 more keys for the first-person big mech battler to give away to CVG readers.

The third Hawken Closed Beta program has a start date of November 20 and runs through until December 6 with the open beta to follow.

How do you get one of the 5000 keys up for grabs? Make sure you're a registered member of CVG and if not, simply sign up here, then click the link below to get started and be issued with one on the spot.

Developer Adhesive Games recently told CVG it hadn't ruled out a console version of the game and for all the latest news and information be sure to check out our interview with Hawken producer Jason Hughes

Once you've got your beta key, full instructions for redeeming it on the Hawken site are set out for here and be sure to let us know how you got on in the comments field below.

Instructions for the closed beta are as follows...
Go to
Create an account
Enter your beta key code in the REDEEM CODE field
Follow the Download instructions.