Reality check: Is the way we play games changing?

AAA game sales are declining and competition for our free time is higher than ever...

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  • Zero (only rent): 2%
  • 1-3: 13%
  • 4-10: 27%
  • 11-20: 37%
  • 20+: 21%


"As long as they aren't the only games being made, I've no problems with them." Mark Jennings

"Fine with it as long as they make some effort to improve. As long as people are enjoying it, they may as well continue to make it." Ken Allsop

"Sequels are fine when they are good, but they do get a bit monotonous, FIFA especially." Keith Spencer


"Some sequels are pointless and really stupid. But games with cliffhangers, ones that were basically designed to have sequels matter. Assassin's Creed for example, I really enjoyed playing them and getting myself into the story of it and I can't be much more excited for AC3 now." Scott Morgan

"As long as the mega sequels are pushing boundaries, and more importantly telling good stories, then I am happy. I expect to be disappointed by a few, but it's not always a problem. The Resident Evil series has had some less than stellar entries, but every now and again they come out with a corker!" Lee Harrison

"I buy them and will continue to buy them, but COD is starting to get old and is lacking the charm of COD4 and MW2." Sam Davies

"They sicken me to the core, frankly." Bryce Rayner

"Not fussed. My tastes vary. I like the familiarity of old favourites but it's always nice to have new ideas appearing." Martyn Bowell

"Indifferent. I feel it's necessary for sports games, and when executed properly can work well with other genres of games, too. But I would rather games like CoD have a two year gap between them with more support, updates and patches during those two years." Mike Brady

"If they continue to build upon the success of the first game and add a few new features then I'll happily play sequels, no matter how similar." Danny Brookes


"Gaming is different to film as generally sequels tend to get better. I'd imagine this is because of the more analytical and mechanical aspects of creating a game. Some of my favourite games have been sequels or part of an ongoing series - you only have to look at the quality of Elder Scrolls or Mass Effect 3 to see that a gaming series can get richer through iterations." David Green

"Publishers need money - it's just a business after all." Sandy Bruce

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