Official Pokédex app hits iOS in Japan

Check out the monster selection on Apple devices

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have released an official Pokédex app for iOS devices in Japan.


Currently only available on the Japanese App store, the Pokémon for iOS appears to be largely the same as the Pokémon 3D Pro app on 3DS, allowing you to check out 3D models and detailed stats for the hundreds of Pokémon in the main series.

The app costs 170 Yen (£1.32, $2.10), but that only includes Pokémon 494-647 - the Unova roster. To view Pokémon 1-151 (Kanto), 152-251 Johto and other regions, you have to pay an addition 500 Yen (£3.89, $6.17) per region, according to the official site.

The Pokémon Company has told Kotaku that it has 'nothing to announce' regarding a western release for the app.