Discouraged Zynga CEO 'close to tears' over company's future

Exec "discouraged" by current state

Mark Pincus, the chief executive social games giant Zynga, was reportedly 'close to tears' in a recent meeting set up by company investors intended to help the exec become a better business leader.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal Apple director Bill Campbell, who has mentored a number of Silicon Valley CEOs including Steve Jobs and executive chairman of Google Eric Schmidt, described Pincus as "discouraged" over the current state of the company and near tears during discussions on how to turn the company around.


Zynga has suffered from a number of high-profile exits starting with the company's second-in-command John Schappert, who resigned in August, and most recently its chief financial officer David Wehner, who has joined Facebook.

The company has also had to deal with layoffs, studio closures, lawsuits, disappointing earnings figures and a threat from vigilante hacker group Anonymous.

In a separate interview with WSJ, Pincus attributed the extended troubled period to a "rapid change in player habits."

"Social technologies have dictated fundamental changes at Zynga. And when businesses change, it's inevitable that some people will choose to leave," he added.

Pincus is currently working on turning Zynga's fortunes around by shifting the company's focus towards mobile and gambling.