Wii U online hub 'accidentally hacked' on day one [UPDATE]

Gamer enters "mock" Miiverse admin from home; finds hidden subforums mentioning new Yoshi game

Nintendo's management of online security measures have come under scrutiny after it emerged that one new Wii U customer had hacked into parts of the console's online platform just hours after buying the system.


A NeoGAF forum member by the name of Trike claimed that he was able to access the admin system of the Miiverse via his Wii U GamePad controller, giving him authorisation to delete the accounts of others.

He also appeared to show Nintendo employees setting up some kind of test survey which hinted at a new Yoshi game for the console.

"I found out I could access the debug menu on Miiverse by hitting the "X" button on the gamepad while hovering over the exit button," he said.

"I found an admin access list or something to that effect. I couldn't really do anything from there though. I could view different messages from a developer. One mentioned that there would be big games coming out (announced?) on the 10th of December."

Trike then proceeded to look into the Wii U's debug menu which, he says, presented a number of hidden subforums "including Yoshi's Island Wii U and Soul Hackers" and less specific ones like 'Metal Gear Solid' and 'Resident Evils'."

It appears that Nintendo managed to restrict Trike's access within a couple of hours since he went public with his claims.

[Update:Nintendo has confirmed to CVG that the incident was not a hoax, though the corporation has played down the severity of the issue.

"It has come to our attention that some people were able to access a mock up menu on Miiverse following the launch of Wii U in the US," read a statement from the company.

"Please note that this was only a mock up menu and has now been removed and is not accessible."

It means that the subforums were likely created internally, suggesting that the new games listed within were either based on insider knowledge or guesswork from a Nintendo employee.]

In a general statement about the Mii Universe, the company told its followers on Twitter:

But the ease in which Trike was apparently able to access some parts of Nintendo's online network raise concerns about the company's aptitude to protect users' personal information such as credit card info.