Uncharted Fight for Fortune officially revealed for Vita - trailer

Action-adventure turn-based card game launching early next month

Sony has officially announced Uncharted Fight for Fortune following the Vita game's outing by the Australian Classification Board earlier this month.


Chris Reese, co-director of Uncharted: Golden Abyss studio Bend Studio, which created Fight for Fortune with co-dev One Loop Games, describes the upcoming release as an action-adventure turn-based card game featuring the heroes and villains of the Uncharted universe.

Set for release on December 4 via the PlayStation Store for $4.99 in the US (Euro details to be confirmed), it's a standalone title which can also be linked up to Golden Abyss, with an upcoming patch for the Vita launch game enabling users to "power up the artefacts" they've collected for immediate use within Fight for Fortune.

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Reese said: "The core gameplay involves creating a team of Faction cards featuring heroes, villains and mercenaries from the Uncharted universe, and using that team to defeat your opponent while defending yourself from their attacks.

"Each Faction card can be equipped with powerful Resource and valuable Fortune cards, which enhance their stats and give them special abilities. Once you've selected and equipped a card, it's time to head into battle!

"During combat, attacks either reduce the health of opposing Faction cards or the health of your opponent. Defeating an opposing Faction card removes it from play, while reducing the health of your Opponent to zero wins you the game."