Wii U 'upscales original Wii games' to HD

Classic titles reportedly look much better on new hardware

US Wii U owners are reporting that, contrary to claims from Nintendo, the newly released console upscales original Wii games to be displayed in HD resolution.


The functionality was noted by a NeoGAF user, who points out that while Wii games aren't displayed in native 1080p, they are cleaned up and noticeably sharper when played on the Wii U.

Upscaling involves stretching an image out from its original resolution to a higher resolution. Although upscaled images don't necessarily contain more detail, rough edges are smoothed out and additional touch-ups such as blur are applied to make an image look better.

In June, Nintendo PR head Mark Franklin reportedly said Wii games will play on the Wii U 'exactly as they do' on Wii. As the video below illustrates, apparently this is not the case.

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