Fan made Super Meat Boy and Mario Galaxy mash-up could become reality

Creator may release playable prototype for charity

Following the release of a fan made video last week which married Super Meat Boy with Mario Galaxy, comes news that it might become a playable reality - if fans donate enough funds to a charity.


Last week's video showed a prototype for a 3D version of Super Meat Boy based on gameplay elements from Mario Galaxy. The work of Preloaded developer Aubrey Hesselgren, it was intended as a 30th birthday gift to Team Meat programmer Tommy Refenes.

Following a rapturous response, Hesselgren has announced that he'll release the playable prototype if he can raise £10,000 for The Samaritans. If the goal isn't met, those who donated will still receive a copy.

On the fundraising page Hesselgren says he was surprised by the response the video received, and notes that it'd be impossible to release the game as an official package. "Ethically, and practically, I can't do anything with this project. Charitably, though...?"

"Bear in mind that this a prototype, and as such will not be as friendly and polished as a final game," Hesselgren said. "Its main purpose was to investigate whether Super Meat Boy's kinaesthetically pleasing platforming physics could survive the leap to 3D, given the right camera and level layouts."

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Team Meat - the indie studio responsible for Super Meat Boy - is currently working on a new title called Mew-Genics. The handheld version of Super Meat Boy has been put on hold.