Anarchy Reigns: Playable Bayonetta is US pre-order exclusive

Plus two bonus gameplay modes promised as retailer-exclusive perks

Sega has confirmed that US gamers wanting to get Bayonetta as a playable character in Anarchy Reigns will have to place a pre-order at GameStop.


In Europe, Bayonetta will be served up as part of the 'Day One Edition' version of the game, but US residents will need to place their orders at GameStop to get the retailer-exclusive DLC.

Alongside Bayonetta, customers will also get two extra multiplayer game modes, Mad Survival and Dogfight, detailed below, along with two trailers showing off the bonus content.

There's no word on when/if this content will become available to the wider audience at a future date.

Anarchy Reigns hits US on January 8 for $29.99.

In Mad Survival, a team of 3 players duke it out against waves of enemies, much as in the normal survival mode. However, these enemies now take the form of the other playable characters in Anarchy Reigns, leading to a far tougher series of battles that require serious tactical thinking to outsmart your foes.

Dogfight sees players hanging from helicopters -pelting eachother with bullets until their opponents fall out of the sky.As well as being a surreal new spin on this multiplayer brawler this aerial-based game mode is an entertaining change of pace from land-based conflict, also offering gamers a new way to explore the locations found in-game.

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