Gangnam Style released for Just Dance 4 today

Xbox 360 version first, Wii and PS3 tomorrow, Wii U later

Just Dance 4 players can now download the insanely popular 'Gangnam Style' song and dance for Xbox 360.


The song will arrive on the PS3 and Wii versions tomorrow, November 21, and Ubisoft says the Wii U version will release "at a later date".

Costing 300 MS Points, 300 Wii Points or £2.39 on PSN, Ubisoft says the DLC song contains "the authentic dance moves" from the video.

Gangnam Style, by South Korean artist PSY, has been watched over 770 million times on YouTube, according to Ubi's PR, earning its creator instant international stardom, and placing it in list of YouTube's top 10 most watched videos of all time.

Here's a trailer all about it:

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