Super Hexagon expanding to Mac and PC

Trailblazing indie title set for release on Valve's Steam portal

iOS games sensation Super Hexagon will launch on Valve's Steam portal in a matter of days, the game's developer has said.


Ireland based developer Terry Cavanagh, who broke onto the scene in 2010 with his debut title VVVVVV, said his new game will be available on PC and Mac from November 27th.

Super Hexagon puts players in the centre of endless encircling shapes which rapidly shrink into nothing - the only way to escape is to step through the weak link of each.

The game has been a regular top seller on Apple's App Store, and Cavanagh now has the chance to expand his audience with a PC and Mac version which will cost $2.99

"I'm sorry this has taken so long. I appreciate your patience with me," said Cavanagh.

"I wanted to launch much sooner than this, but ultimately I just wasn't happy with the performance of the flash version. So, I knuckled down and rewrote everything in C++ - this new version of the game runs at a higher resolution than the iOS version, and runs fast and silky smooth on every machine I've been able to get my hands on - a very important thing for a game like this."