Black Ops 2: Xbox 360 title update released

Addresses Theater Mode error and Scorestreak glitches

Treyarch has released a title update for the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.


While there are no patch notes, the update will address a number of issues outlined earlier this week including a Theater Mode UI error, a Dragonfire glitch which stops the Scorestreak from deploying, and an Escort Drone glitch which sees the Scorestreak attacking the owner while under the map (see video below).

While some players will be able to download the update now, others may have to wait a short while. Game design director David Vonderhaar said on Twitter: "Deployments like these are usually staggered over the course of a few hours. So hang tight. You'll get it eventually."

Treyarch is also researching a Care Package glitch following reports from some players that the Scorestreak bounces out of the map after falling to the ground.

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