Dust 514: Vehicles developer diary

Check out the three main vehicle classes in the PS3 exclusive

CCP has released a new Dust 514 developer diary focusing on the role of vehicles in the PS3 shooter.


There are currently three main vehicle classes - light attack vehicles, heavy attack vehicles and drop ships, which are like futuristic choppers - but new ones are being considered for future updates, including mechs.

Game designer Ryan Thornton says vehicles "play a vital role" in the online-only, free-to-play game. "You can call a vehicle on demand onto the battlefield as the battle unfolds. These vehicles are yours. You call them in with your money, your blood, your resources and they're fitted out with your customisations and your weapons."

CCP chief marketing officer David Reid said earlier this month that the game will move from its current closed beta phase to open beta in early 2013.

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