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Far Cry 3 guide: 10 essential tips for conquering the island

Become a better hunter, get the special items, never lose online

Whether poacher, tourist or treasure hunter, Far Cry 3's Rook Islands is a veritable Vegas (with extra tigers). If you want to stay alive long enough to try your sand-caked hands at everything, read on for our top tips on how to conquer the archipelago in singleplayer, multiplayer and co-op.


1. How to... become a better hunter

It's tempting to go Rambo on the wildlife, but halt your hunter-gatherer instincts until after you've met Citra for the first time. This unlocks the Zoology 101 ability on the skill tree, which awards twice as many items when skinning animals (that means half as many encounters with man-eating leopards). Syringes are also useful here; craft Hunter's Instinct, made from one Amber Leaf, to see animals through walls for 30 seconds. Speaking of crafting...

2. How to... grab all the special items

Only Path of the Hunter side-quests contain the kind of mythical beasts which, upon being skinned, unlock top-tier equipment. Here's the rundown: for an extended wallet, kill the One Horn Hide; for an extended rucksack, kill the Undying Bear; for an extended syringe kit, kill the Black Panther; for an extended ammo pouch, kill the Golden Tiger; for an extended grenade pouch, kill the Blood Komodo; for an extended munitions pouch, kill the White Belly Tapir; for an extended fuel sling, kill the Yellow Neck; for an extended rocket pack, kill the Albino Crocodile; for an extended arrow quiver, kill the Man-Eater Shark.

3. How to... fast travel out of problems

If you don't mind being branded a legendary coward by island inhabitants, there's a sneaky tactic letting you duck from losing battles instantly - warping. Whether inside or outside, drowning or falling, or half inside a croc's mouth, you can select any fast-travel station on the map and teleport there with all four limbs intact. Sure, it's a cheap tactic - but it's better than being digested.


4. How to... bag free weaponry

There's a cheaper way of filling your arsenal, one not involving money at all - scaling radio towers. Activate the beacon at the top and not only will it reveal a portion of the map, but reward you with a fee weapon too. With 18 radio towers in all, you can save a packet if you resist splashing out on the first grenade launcher you see, instead visiting the nearest shop for complimentary pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles. You'll still have to purchase ammo, mind.

5. How to... be better at stealth, deal with multiple enemies

Start any encounter by equipping the camera (D-pad up) and tagging enemies after zooming in. You can also tag enemies automatically by lingering your gun sights on them long enough. Next, crouch in foliage, as this breaks line of sight (unlike the last game, it works a treat, as it should). Now, sabotage the alarm, represented by a speaker icon on the map - this prevents reinforcements from arriving should you mess up. Finally, it's a matter of picking off stragglers one by one. Make life easier by separating them with thrown rocks (D-pad right).

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