Steam Autumn sale begins: The Walking Dead, Darksiders 2 go cheap

Daily deals, discounts and "flash sales" get underway

Valve has kicked off with another of its typically creative holiday sales via Steam today.


Running from now through to Monday, November 26, the Steam Autumn Sale will see straight discounts, as well as refreshed daily deals and "flash sales", with discounts of up to 75 per cent.

Flash sales are groups of games that will get discounted for just a few hours at a time, and the Autumn Sale home page has these games with live countdowns above them. Limbo and Payday: The Heist are among them.

Today's daily deals include:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Magic: The Gathering
The Walking Dead
Darksiders II
Age of Empires III Complete

Head over to the Steam Autumn Sale page for full details.