It's a real thing: Angry Birds soda is 'more popular' than Coke and Pepsi in Finland

Having blown through the video game world like a merciless hurricane, Angry Birds is now headed towards a new market.

Not content with numerous spin-off mobile games and a highly-lucrative merchandise empire, Rovio's Angry Birds is now muscling in on Coke and Pepsi's territory with a brand new soft drink.

The ticked-off avians are off to a *pause for emphasis* flying start *pause to allow applause* in Finland where, according to The Next Web, sales of Angry Birds branded fizzy drinks "is said to be outselling Coke and Pepsi".

CMO, Peter Vesterbacka has said the drink will be making its way to New Zealand and Australia too. We've got no doubt you'll find it in your local stores before long.

So, what does it taste like? "A bit like Lilt but less sugary and maybe a bit more like apples" apparently. Sounds good to us.

You know you want it...