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Bargain hunting: 20 great Xbox games that last longer than 50 hours

Pick up the ultimate value games on 360

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  • Length: 50 hours
  • You will mostly be: ramming other cars off the road

Four years on, Burnout Paradise is still an absolute joy. Criterion nailed the open-world crash / race combo and packed it with enough challenges to keep the engine running for ages.

17. SIMS 3

  • Length: 50 hours
  • You will mostly be: living other people's lives for them, badly

Meddling is one of life's great joys, so playing the greatest meddler of all - the big man G himself - never gets old. Whether you want fame and fortune for your Sim, or just to lock them in room until they die in their own wee, it'll keep you eternally rapt.


  • Length: 50 hours
  • You will mostly be: finding new and beautiful ways to deal death

It's the arcade scoring that demands you return to this bloody FPS again and again. Environmental kills look the tits and can be pulled off easily, but the skills at your disposal means you can kick, shoot, or explode them into that cactus for a super high score. What looks on the surface like a crude work of down-and-dirty gunplay is actually a work of murderous art that repays your time with an intricate - and seemingly infinite - range of ways to dispatch enemies.



  • Length: 60 hours
  • You will mostly be: spoilt for choice

Niko's struggles to ascend the criminal classes of Liberty City are punctuated with welcome distractions like bowling, darts and that traditional GTA pastime, liaising with a lady of the night. Simply sinking yourself into the life of the city is a time-eating pleasure. Chuck in the completely new missions and stories in brilliant expansion packs The Ballad Of Gay Tony and The Lost And Damned, and you've got way more than 50 hours of gameplay.


  • Length: 50 hours
  • You will mostly be: perfecting your combo skills

The great thing about Bayonetta is the myriad ways you can off the demon scum that dare to face her. The tight controls and effortlessly beautiful combat system means that returning to areas with new skills should take you one step closer to nabbing all the Achievements. Needs dedication, mind.

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