Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney trailer shows new gameplay

A new Japanese video of the investigative mash-up

Here's a new video for the game that'll star the DS' two most popular lawmen, Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney.


The text and speech is all in Japanese, but the gameplay footage offers another glimpse at the game's new puzzles and Phoenix Write's role in the crossover.

Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright are in Labyrinth City, a medieval city ruled by a villain called Story Teller and inhabited by witches who hide in the shadows. When the Story Teller writes things with his pen they become reality in this world.

Professor Layton has to make sense of it all by solving puzzles while Wright has to defend a person who has been accused of witchcraft.

The game's out in Japan on November 29, which should mean we only have about a decade left to wait for its EU/US arrival.

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