Dizzy creators Kickstarting new adventure

Blitz Games to develop Dizzy Returns for iOS, if funded

Philip and Andrew Oliver, creators of egg-headed Codemasters icon Dizzy, are seeking funding for a new adventure on Kickstarter.


The crowd-funded project for iOS and PC title 'Dizzy Returns' launched earlier today with Blitz Games named as its developer.

"It's been 20 years since the last game in the original series (Crystal Kingdom Dizzy) and he's not been seen in a new adventure since then. But with your help we can set that right!," reads the project page.

"We've always believed in creating games that are fun, challenging and rewarding, and we've carried those principles through into everything that our company, Blitz Games Studios, has created since.

"Our aim is not to just reboot an old Dizzy game though. We want to stay true to the spirit and core ideals of the original series, whilst utilising the platforms, technology and resources we now have at our disposal. We believe that Dizzy Returns is a perfect fit for mobile gaming, and touch screen technology obviously means that we can experiment with and implement new mechanics and new ways of playing in Dizzy Returns."

The Oliver twins and Blitz Games are asking for £350,000 and as of writing the project has 24 backers and raised £842.

Last year Codemasters released a remake of Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.