HMV 'secures extra stock' for Wii U midnight launch

Free copy of New Super Mario Bros U for first 100 in queue

HMV will host the official Wii U midnight launch in Oxford Street, the company has confirmed.


The retail chain claims it has 'secured extra stock' to sell on the night without customers needing to pre-order the system, according to trade site MCV.

A free copy of New Super Mario Bros. U will be given to the first 100 people in line, while the second hundred will be handed a £5 HMV voucher that can be redeemed against Wii U hardware and software. Various prizes will be on offer throughout the evening and 500 people will be given Wii U goody bags.

Meanwhile, punters will be put in front of demo pods for games such as ZombiU and Nintendo Land.

The launch event begins at 11pm on Thursday, November 29. "We're thrilled to be hosting the official midnight launch event for Wii U at our Oxford Street flagship, which is fast-becoming the natural home of all major games launches in the UK," said HMV head of games Ewan Pinder.

CVG understands that on launch day there will be less than 30,000 consoles on sale across the UK - though Nintendo has a plan to replenish stock frequently.