Far Cry 3 video: man vs animals

Hunt or be hunted

Far Cry 3 hits consoles and PC in the UK next Friday and launches on December 4 in the US.


In our 9.4 Far Cry 3 review we said: "In combat, animals are a welcome third party, an unpredictable agent of chaos, and brilliantly effective against enemy outposts."

The tropical Rook Islands play home to over 30 species of untamed wildlife including sharks, crocodiles, komodo dragons, bears, monkeys, big cats, dingos, manta rays, buffalo, boars and turtles.

Animals can be killed to collect resources, but you can become dead meat just as easily. The game's Path of the Hunter challenges begin with simple tasks like killing wild dogs terrorising livestock, but end with you scouting powerful and even mythical beasts like 'undying' bears, albino crocodiles, golden tigers and man-eating sharks.

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