Warface hits five million users in Russia

Crytek's free-to-play shooter gains another three million users since July

Crytek shooter Warface has passed the five million users mark in Russia, according to its developer.


The near future military shooter boasted more than two million registered users in that region as of July 2012, claimed Crytek at the time.

Powered by CryEngine 3, the free-to-play PC multiplayer FPS provides players with "a constantly updated" player versus universe featuring multiplayer co-op missions and class based player versus player action.

According to Crytek, Russian players voted it best online game in Russia as part of the Runet Awards - which were designed to honor the best of the Russian-language internet and have been running since 2004.

Crytek has confirmed plans to launch Warface throughout Europe, in the US, Australia and New Zealand.