Writer seeks Kickstarter money to fund another Kickstarter

Wants to crowdsource funds to back Elite Dangerous, in return allowing him to write a novel

In a move which encapsulates the growing unease surrounding Kickstarter, one author is seeking £4,500 in order to make a pledge on a separate Kickstarter project.


British author Drew Wagar says he will use the crowdfunded cash to write a novel based on the acclaimed '80s space adventure game Elite. The initiative, at the time of going to press, is already half way past its funding goal, at £2,500.

Wagar's idea comes from a separate Kickstarter project already underway.

Cambridge studio Frontier is seeking £1.25 million to develop Elite Dangerous; a modern revision of the game. Within the Kickstarter project is the offer to pledge £4,500, which will be rewarded with "the right to write one piece of fiction set in the Elite: Dangerous world, and (subject to reasonable approval of the content) release it commercially, without paying Frontier further royalties, independently of the game".

"Believe it or not, I don't have £4,500," said Wagar on his own Kickstarter page. HE says the funds will allow him to write a "full length story".

"I reckon on between 70-90k words. That's 250-350 pages. Meaty, something to really get stuck into!"

It is unclear what Frontier Developments, or its studio head David Braben, thinks of the spin-off Kickstarter.