Minecraft update 1.5 confirmed, out January

Developer Mojang promises more "focused" updates every two months

The latest update to indie games sensation Minecraft will be released in January, developer Mojang has confirmed.


Studio lead Jens Bergensten revealed the news at this year's Minecon show, where he confirmed the update will focus on improvements to redstone - in-game material used to create machines.

"The plan is to give [redstone] a variable signal strength, something Mojang calls 'analogue', and add a new capacitor block," according to a Gamespot report.

The update will also bring updates to the mine carts, making it easier to transport resources, a 'daylight detector', fireworks and "a new Nether-based ore that capacitors will be made from".

In addition to all this, the developer said that it plans to change its update processes to release 'smaller more focused updates' that will come 'every two months'.