Black Ops 2: Treyarch working on leaderboard resets fix

Some players seeing multiplayer and Zombies data wiped

Treyarch says it's working on a fix for issues that have resulted in leaderboard stats being reset in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's multiplayer and Zombies modes.


While affected players' combat records still show the amount of time they've played, as well as their kill/death and win/loss ratios, these aren't reflected in their leaderboard stats or placing.

The Call of Duty series' online community is a fiercely competitive one, and players are understandably upset about having stats reset after putting in tens and - in some cases - hundreds of hours of gameplay since the shooter launched last Tuesday. We encountered the problem whilst playing last night.

Responding to disgruntled players, Treyarch said on Twitter: "Since this morning's backend update, we've been made aware of leaderboard issues that some are having - we're looking into it, stand by.

"Currently working through server side issues re leaderboards...they'll be re-enabled as soon as we've fixed the issue...stand by."

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