Fractured Soul 3D demo coming next week

Screen-hopping platformer gets hands-on taster

Endgame Studios will release a playable demo of its screen hopping platformer Fractured Soul 3D next week.


Fractured Soul 3D, like the DS original, has players shooting their way through two parallel levels at once - one on each screen - using a teleport feature to jump between two screens.

The game, which recently arrived on the 3DS eShop, will get a playable demo on December 6 on the US arm of the store.

Endgame managing director Grant Davies has also told Joystiq that an update is on its way which will make 'Level 8' a tad easier by introducing checkpoints, as the developer admits,"It's no secret that Fractured Soul is a damn hard platformer ... probably a little too hard. Hopefully this will smooth out the difficulty curve somewhat."

You can check out gameplay footage of the game here.