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Nintendo TVii confirmed for Wii U launch in Japan

TV guide service to go live on December 8

The Wii U's on-board 'Nintendo TVii' service has been confirmed for launch in Japan on December 8.


Previously considered a US and Canada exclusive, a recent update on Nintendo's website reveals that "Nintendo TVii will be available in selected regions throughout Europe in 2013." No date has been given for its US release but is expected in December.

Nintendo of Japan has partnered with Rovi Corporation, which will provide its 'G Guide' on Wii U, which will allow users to browse TV listings and detailed info on shows on their GamePad.

Oddly, Nintendo of Japan will charge 100 yen (or about $1.20) for the TV remote app that's bundled for free with US Wii U units. The app lets you control your TV set, turning it on and off and changing inputs and channels, even when the Wii U is off.

Translations via Joystiq.