Ubisoft: devs were unsure ZombiU survival mode was possible

Mode only mastered by team days before development finished

Ubisoft's ZombiU is all about survival. If you die, your character is gone and you must continue as someone new. The survival mode presents an even greater challenge: die, and you don't come back at all.


During the development stages of ZombiU's survival mode, the developers were not even sure if the mode would be possible, as revealed in a recent Iwata Asks.

Ubisoft producer Guillaume Brunier explains that "the enemies aren't any stronger in this mode, but there were lots of times when the staff working on the development of the game were killed because they let their concentration slip for just a split second."

The team wasn't even sure if anyone could complete the game in survival mode. "It must have been only two or three days before we finished work on the game before anyone made it all the way to the end," Xavier Poix, managing director of Ubisoft France, revealed.

Still, Guillaume says the team "made fine adjustments to ensure it was fair to you, so if a player loses a life, they only have themselves to blame."

ZombiU's leaderboards will show when the first person completes the game in survival mode. It's available now in the US, and launches with the Wii U on November 30 in Australia and the UK.