Wii U: The ultimate UK midnight launch guide

Use our round-up on deals, events and launch games to plan your attack

If Nintendo's reports are to be believed the Wii U is off to a flying start. Just eight days after it launched in the US the platform holder proudly boasted it has sold 400,000 in its first week of availability.

Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime told press the console is "essentially sold out of retail" in the US, and whispers indicate the same could happen in the UK.

The Wii U launches in Europe on Friday and many eager game-lovers are currently scouring the internet for deals, information on launch events, and reviews of games. To ensure you're well-informed before making your purchase we've put together a handy launch guide with all the above information and more.


Launch Events

This year the official Wii U midnight launch event will be hosted by HMV at its flagship store on London's Oxford Street. Doors open at 11:00pm on Thursday, November 29 and the first 100 people in the queue will get a free copy of New Super Mario Bros. U and another Wii U game of their choice from a selection that will be offered.

Nintendo faithfuls have already started camping out at the store, so you'll have to shake a leg if you want to be in with a chance of grabbing those freebies.

The next 100 people in the queue will be given a £5 gift voucher which is only valid against Wii U hardware and software on the night. So you'll have to cough up the cash for those Christmas albums and DVDs. We recommend Jingle All The Way.

That's not all though, the first 500 people in the queue will also get a Wii U goody bag and there will be Wii U related prizes given out throughout the evening.

HMV has said it has 'secured extra stock' to sell on the night without customers needing to pre-order the system. If you're looking to pick it up at launch from a store, HMV is your safest bet.

Price round-up

Unlike with the Nintendo 3DS there isn't an intense price war surrounding the Wii U.The truce on undercutting and cr(rrrrr)azy deals means it's just a matter of finding the retailer that has the best bundle of hardware, games and peripherals for you. Here's a few we've found:

  • Amazon: Premium Package (incl. Nintendo Land, HDMI Cable, Nintendo Premium, Wii U stand, GamePad charging cradle and stand) - £299.99
  • Amazon: Basic Package - £248.00
  • Amazon: Wii U Premium, New Super Mario Bros. U, Wii U Pro Controller - £380.99
  • GAME: Wii U Premium Pack with ZombiU - £349.99
  • ShopTo: Wii U Black Premium Pack and New Super Mario Bros. U - £339.85
  • ShopTo: Wii U Premium Zombi U Pack and New Super Mario Bros. U - £374.86
  • Wii U Basic Package - £259.99
  • Wii U Premium Package - £309.99
  • Zavvi: Wii U Premium ZombiU Package - £319.99
  • Zavvi: Wii U Basic Just Dance 4 Package - £249.99
  • Tesco: Wii U Basic Package - £248.00
  • Sainsbury's: Wii U Basic Package and Just Dance 4 - £269.99

Review round-ups

CVG Reviews

Surviving the Cold

For those planning to line up overnight, here's Bear Grylls with some tips on how to survive extreme cold, most of them should be applicable to you.