3DS XL Mario Kart bundle hits the US December 2

Handheld to come pre-installed with Nintendo's racer for $199.99

Nintendo of America has announced a new 3DS XL Mario Kart bundle.


Set for release on December 2, the blue/black system will come with a copy of the game pre-installed for $199.99 - the same as the regular suggested retail price for a 3DS XL.

Nintendo of America announced last week that 3DS sales - of both the original and the XL model - were approaching six million units, a milestone that has now likely been surpassed following strong Black Friday sales for the handhelds.

In Europe, Nintendo is offering a free digital game to 3DS XL owners who register their handheld with Club Nintendo before January 15. Titles up for grabs include Super Mario 3D Land and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.