Black Ops 2 tops Halo 4 on Xbox Live charts

Master Chief's triumphant return settles for second

Not even the long-awaited return of Microsoft mascot Master Chief can loosen Call of Duty's vice grip on Xbox Live's most played charts as Black Ops 2 secures the top spot for the week ending November 19.


It's a subtle reminder of the shift in power since the last time a game staring Master Chief was released - Halo 3 in 2007 - when the green super soldier dominated the Xbox console's online traffic.

Halo 4 had to settle for second, while Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition managed to hold off the outgoing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for third.

Minecraft topped the Xbox Live Arcade sales list for that week, above The Walking Dead and Magic 2013 in second and third respectively.

Meanwhile, the Minecraft-alike, CastleMiner Z, continues to shrug off competition in the Indie Games charts.

So it's Minecraft all round, really.

Here are the full listings:

LIVE Activity for week of November 19

Xbox 360 Top LIVE Titles (based on UU's)

1)Call of Duty: Black Ops II
2)Halo 4
3)Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
4)Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
5)EA Sports FIFA Soccer 13
6)Call of Duty: Black Ops
7)Assassin's Creed III
8)NBA 2K13
9)Modern Warfare 2
10)Madden NFL 13
11)Battlefield 3
12)Borderlands 2
15)Halo: Reach
16)Gears of War 3
17)FIFA 12
18)Forza Motorsport 4
19)Hitman: Absolution
20)Forza Horizon

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions purchased)

1)Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
2)The Walking Dead
3)Magic 2013
4)Pinball FX2
6)I Am Alive
7)Castle Crashers
8)South Park: Tenorman's Revenge
9)Trials Evolution
10)Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage
11)Rock Band Blitz
12)Fruit Ninja Kinect
13)Sega Vintage Collection: Golden Axe
14)Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World
15)Sonic Adventure 2
16)Quantum Conundrum
17)Trials HD
18)Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co.
20)Battlefield 1943

Top Indie Games (Full Versions purchased)

1)CastleMiner Z
2)Murder Miners
4)Avatar Laser Wars 2
5)Avatar Deathmatch
6)Avatar Farm Online
7)Avatar Laser Wars
8)Shark Attack Deathmatch
9)Avatar Legends
10)The Impossible Game
11)Block World
12)Total Miner: Forge
13)The $1 Zombie Game
14)Paintball War
15)Avatar Paintball
16)Don't Die Dateless, Dummy!
17)End Of Days: Infected vs Mercs
18)Miner Of Duty
20)Toy Stunt Bike 2