Rare working on 'jaw-dropping, never-done-before project'

Cloud gaming tech billed as crucial component for future titles

Microsoft studio Rare is set to break new ground with an upcoming project for the next Xbox system, according to suggestions made in a new job listing.


The Midlands studio is seeking various engineers and programmers for what it describes as a "jaw-dropping, never-been-done-before project", and suggests that cloud-based computing will be the underpinning technology.

Rare executives have been spotted at a number of industry trade events over the past year, looking at a range of topics from free-to-play gaming to smartphone games development. It is believed that the studio is working on at least one project for the next generation Xbox, with a further possibility that this game will unite with smartphones.

However, job advertisements for games studios are often laced with hyperbole, and at times not written by studio staff, meaning that the vacancy is difficult to trust completely.

Yet, during discussions with CVG at a number of trade events, executives at Rare and Microsoft have continually backed cloud gaming as a key Xbox service in the future.