Molyneux: 'The Wii U is good, not great'

Legendary designer wants more from Nintendo

Peter Molyneux believes that Nintendo's new Wii U system is a "slightly confusing" proposition for potential customers.


Speaking to GamesIndustry International, Molyneux said new console hardware needs to be more impressive than what Nintendo has offered with the Wii U.

"I think the Wii U is good, but I don't feel it's great," he said.

"I find holding the device in my hand - looking up at the screen, and looking down at the device - slightly confusing as a consumer. It's good, but it's not great. And we really need these new pieces of hardware to be great in today's world, because the competition isn't just consoles anymore. The competition is everything, all the technology."

Molyneux believes Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony need to create hardware that can impress as much as tablet technology, citing the Kindle Fire and iPad as examples. "I'm not sure the Wii U really did that," Molyneux said.

Still, Molyneux recalls a time when the Wii attracted similar scepticism. "I can remember everybody in the industry laughing and giggling about how stupid the Wii was, what a stupid name it was, and who would want motion control. And then it went on to sell what, 60, 70 million copies?"

The Wii U is now available in Europe and Australia. Peter Molyneux's studio 22 Cans recently released its first smartphone game in the form of Curiosity.