Far Cry 3: Ubisoft apologises as server issues disrupt play

Users unable to access the game without switching off Uplay client

Ubisoft has apologised to PC players unable to access Far Cry 3 because of issues with the publisher's Uplay service.


Essentially, some players are reporting being unable to play any portion of the game - which we described as "one of this year's best" in our Far Cry 3 review - due to Uplay server problems.

Ubisoft said on Twitter: "We're very sorry for the server issues affecting Far Cry 3 on PC and are working as fast as possible to restore the service."

Rock Paper Shotgun reports that you can play the game by setting the Uplay client to offline mode, but that the workaround isn't something which users are alerted to before attempting to launch the game.

On Wednesday, Ubisoft detailed a day-one Far Cry 3 patch for PC described as a "critical update that needs to be installed in order to benefit from an optimal game experience".