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Posted at 17.30 on 12th November

Couple of impressive tweets from CVG readers this afternoon. This maniac/genius has a coin accumulator record of 84,253:

And this gentleman has done a little maths to work out how many Cubelets are on each layer:

Posted at 14.32 on 12th November

Here's a summary and analysis of the last few days' events, in which CVG associate editor Rob Crossley and I discuss 22cans' decision to accept donations, server issues and what's happening on the latest layer:

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Posted at 13.38 on 12th November

Less than five per cent left on this layer folks. Keep on tappin'


Posted at 10.37 on 12th November

A new message on the cube reads: "Less that 13 per cent left on this layer."


Progress has been far slower on this layer compared to the others. Quick stats update while we're here:

There are 4,935,083 Cubelets remaining on the current layer, and 3,542 current users tapping away. On average, each user destroys 50 Cubelets per day.

In total, 853,968 people have played Curiosity, and have destroyed 296,612,653 Cubelets so far.

Posted at 10.00 on 12th November

Interesting note from CVG reader Adam Panzer overnight:

"With regards to why people are not all seeing the same sides, I am pretty sure it is just an issue with the game servers causing not all images to load. My gf with me in NY, using her iphone, with AT&T has 4 cubes with pictures. My cousin in LA, using his iphone, with AT&T has 6 visible picture sides. I am using my iphone in NY with Verizon and can only see 2 pictures. I have way more coins than either of them. This rules out location, device, service provider and coins. Seems random. Thought maybe this was worth posting on your blog.

You're right, Mr Panzer. It is worth posting on the blog. He continues:

"Anyway, thanks for keeping so current with your blog. It's enabled the game to remain its social aspect despite the many, many server issues that have all but ruined the community aspect of the experiment."

Will be interesting to see if 22cans can clear this one up for us.

Posted at 12.24 on 11th November

One CVG reader can see all six sides:

Interesting to note the discrepancy between devices. If @Mowlamania is logged in through Facebook and therefore on the same account, then we can discount location and the number of coins accumulated as a factor in who sees which sides of the cube.

Or, or course, it could be completely random or just a bug. Will be interesting to see if 22cans clarify this at some point.

Posted at 11.00 on 11th November

CVG readers are really helping to piece this one together. Last night we discovered that different people are seeing different sides of the cube. My iPad only shows two sides with pictures on them, but some readers can see up to as many as five:

So we know that all six sides are oil painting-style pictures of fruit and other objects, but what we don't know is why people are only able to see a certain number of the pictures on the cube.

It could be a bug, of course, but equally 22cans might be showing different sides of the cube to different Curiosity players based on the device they are on, location, the number of coins they have, or some other criteria. Or it might be completely random. The plot thickens.

Posted at 00.58 on 11th November

I am seeing this too:

It is a poem by Lewis Carroll which appears in Alice In Wonderland. Wikipedia says that this is the full poem:

How doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail,
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!

How cheerfully he seems to grin,
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in
With gently smiling jaws!

We're through the looking glass, readers.

Posted at 00.58 on 11th November

A new(ish) message on the cube also directs Curiosity folks to search YouTube for 'The future belongs to the curious' to 'discover the inspiration' for the Curiosity project. This is the video you get:

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The video is originally from, a 'global marketplace for classes' which allows its contributors to teach classes for a fee.

Posted at 00.35 on 11th November

Seriously. WHAT:

Posted at 00.26 on 11th November

Okay, more intrigue. WHAT:

Posted at 00.13 on 11th November

A little break from all the intrigue:

Posted at 00.11 on 11th November

Okay, so it seems that perhaps Android users are seeing a different cube:

Posted at 00.06 on 11th November

Again, this is NOT the cube I am seeing:

Posted at 23.57 on 10th November

This is NOT the cube I am seeing:

Posted at 23.50 on 10th November

Erm, what?

Are you seeing a different cube to us? How many different cubes are there? Is this guy having us on?

Posted at 21.03 on 10th November

Some highlights from today's Twitter action:


Posted at 20.59 on 10th November

Progress! This seems to be a pair of scissors(?):


And this one might be some tomatoes of something. Not sure:


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