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Curiosity Uncovered: Archive one

Below are CVG's earlier reports from within Molyneux's App Store experiment

You have reached the archive section of CVG's Curiosity Live Blog. For the latest updates go here.

Posted at 09:41 on 26th November

Good morning. I received an amazing email this morning, and to preserve said amazingness, here it is in full:

"I enjoy your blog "Curiosity Uncovered," and I'm glad that you provide snapshots documenting each layer of the cube. Occasionally, you've commented on people with huge numbers of coins; you've also shown a video of the steel chisel. While trying to find out how long it would take to get 3 billion coins and purchase the diamond chisel, I discovered the following:

The number of coins gained from a streak is shown by the following pattern:
Where the first number in each parenthetic group is the score multiplier, and the second is the number of blocks that multiplier applies to. I've confirmed this by tapping until I got to the x11 multiplier; I got 1869 coins. I assume that the pattern is consistent beyond this point.

What interests me is the difference between the number of blocks each multiplier applies to:
(14 - 11), (16 - 14), (19 - 16), (22 - 19)...
3, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...
Notice that after the first three numbers, it simply counts up, 345678. Why the first three are different, I don't know. In fact, I don't know where to begin. It could just be a coding mistake, or calculated, conscious choice.

111416 is a nearly-black hex color. Is 11/14/16 the date of some event?

- There will be a full moon on that day
- The game was intended to be released on 7 November 2012.
- 11/14/16 is four years and one week; 1468 days; after the intended release date.
- 11:14-16 corresponds to plenty of Bible passages

323 is an area code in CA.
Are there 323 layers to the cube?

I could be crazy. Am I crazy?

If you have any ideas, I'd enjoy hearing them.

Chris Lentner"

Thank you Chris.

Posted at 18.09 on 25th November

Curiosity players have almost tap-tap-tapped their way through this layer, another selection of photos of an old literary text:


A quick Google of some of the visible verses in the screengrab below reveals that the text it is taken from a William Tennant poem called Anster Fair. Wikipedia suggests that Tennant was a Scottish poet who wrote Anster Fair in 1812. The poem "gave an amusing account of the marriage of "Maggie Lauder," the heroine of the popular Scottish ballad." Some more digging leads us to the original text of Maggie Lauder, which is almost impenetrably Scottish.


And here's the cube as it looked at 22.32 last night, as Curiosity players continued to tap through the previous layer, another handsome selection of stained glass windows.


Posted at 17.45 on 24th November

Today's cube action: fields and stained glass windows. Right now, the latter is started to show through underneath the current layer:


There are 43,329,343 Cubelets remaining until we can see them in full. Earlier, at 14:17, we could see a swathe of dulll green-grey, and the same messages from yesterday still scrolling across the Curiosity cube:


More excitingly, this morning at 11.05am we saw various photos of a bright, sunny corn field:


We've now removed 40 layers in the 18 days since the experiment began.

Posted at 17.04 on 23rd November

Dominoes. That's the current theme on the Curiosity cube:


There's also a nod to our American friends in the quote from Saint Francis Of Assisi that's scrolling across the cube: "For it is in giving that we receive." There are also some wise words from Brit Bertrand Russell: "The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation."

Curiosity players have now removed 36 layers of the cube, with 3,382,786 Cubelets remaining on this particular layer. Slow progress on the cube today - this layer has been going since we last checked this morning.

Posted at 09.59 on 23rd November

This is your CVG morning bulletin from the Curiosity cube. The current layer is a shocking pink, and there's definitely a picture of some sort on the next one:


What were YOU doing at 01.03 this morning? I was looking at the cube, and this is what I saw - the previous layer, various photos of differently coloured light, make way for that familiar shade of deep gory red:


Posted at 15.43 on 22nd November

I'm back! Long train journeys, meetings and, y'know, sleep have kept me from the cube until now.

So here's the latest layer, the remnants of what is essentially a big fat advert for Peter Molyneux's new Kickstarter, Godus:


So that's the big announcement he had been teasing. This is how the cube looked this morning when I got out of bed to embark upon my epic journey across the UK to the historic city of Bath:


And here's how it looked last night, as the previous layer of colourful balloons made way for a dull grey.


Here endeth the update. More as it breaks.

Posted at 14.15 on 22nd November

Hello! Rob here.

Neil is away at the moment so the blog updates will be a tad more sporadic until Monday - we'll still be covering the essential stuff, and we'll be back to full capacity next week. We're seeing this to the end!

Speak soon.

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