Vita version of Dead or Alive 5 set for early 2013

Team Ninja lead Yosuke Hayashi confirms portable game project

Dead or Alive 5 is in development for PlayStation Vita and will be released in early 2013, the game's developer has announced.


Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi confirmed the project in the video below, which unfortunately lacks any game footage. The portable version will be titled 'Dead or Alive 5 Plus'.

"We plan to release Dead or Alive 5 Plus on the PlayStation Vita at an early stage of next year," said Hayashi.

"DOA5's arrival on a new hardware will bring new players to the existing communities and for our loyal and core fans like everyone gathered today can now practice and brush up their skills anywhere they want."

He went on to tease: "Be assured that features which are appealing as the DOA5 Plus name reads are planned", which we think means the Vita version will gets its own unique enhancements and features above what's already in the console versions.

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