Bioshock Infinite box art released, irrational fan outrage ensues

2k Games has unveiled box art for Bioshock Infinite, with fan response on the internet proving less than favourable.

The box art depicts protagonist Booker DeWitt wielding a shotgun against a backdrop of a burning US flag.


Fans took to Reddit to express their disappointment with the art, with many claiming it doesn't capture the spirit of the Bioshock series.

User BiohazardBlaze described the art as "forgettable and generic".

"I know logically I shouldn't extrapolate too much from the boxart," the user said. "But boy do I get a 'generic shooter' vibe from this."

Many users echoed his sentiment, with several game publications also publishing their own critiques of the art. "The best you can say for the cover art of Bioshock Infinite is that it is bland," Kotaku's Owen Good wrote. "The worst you can say is that it is cliche, fitting the worst cover-art trope of them all - chin-down, eyes-up."

Needless to say, the outrage continues.

What do you think of the box art?